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PVDF PIEZO sensor, PVDF PIEZOelectric sensor , PIEZO membrane sensor

PVDF PIEZO sensor, PVDF PIEZOelectric sensor , PIEZO membrane sensor

    • PVDF PIEZO  sensor, PVDF PIEZOelectric sensor  ,  PIEZO membrane sensor
    • PVDF PIEZO  sensor, PVDF PIEZOelectric sensor  ,  PIEZO membrane sensor
    • PVDF PIEZO  sensor, PVDF PIEZOelectric sensor  ,  PIEZO membrane sensor
    • PVDF PIEZO  sensor, PVDF PIEZOelectric sensor  ,  PIEZO membrane sensor
    • PVDF PIEZO  sensor, PVDF PIEZOelectric sensor  ,  PIEZO membrane sensor
  • PVDF PIEZO  sensor, PVDF PIEZOelectric sensor  ,  PIEZO membrane sensor

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Prochema
    Certification: MSDS
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    Detailed Product Description
    High Light:

    PVDF PIEZO film


    Piezoelectric film


    piezoelectric sensor

    PVDF PIEZO sensor, PVDF PIEZO transducer ,PVDF PIEZOelectric sensor


    1.Piezoelectric property

    It produces voltage in proportional to compressive or tensile mechanical stress or strain, which makes it a dynamic strain gauge.

    2.Dielectric property and low impedance

    Piezo film changes proportionally in dimension while an electric field at frequencies from 0~500MHz. This property, as well as the film’s low impedance, makes piezo film perfectly suitable for high fidelity transducers operation throughout the high audio and ultrasonic.

    3.pyroelectric property

    piezo filmalso reactsto changes in temperature with predictable, high voltage outputs

    4.Chemically insert and biocompatible.

    It is ideally to make vital signs transducer attached to skin or be used in medical devices.

    5.high stress constant

    Piezo film’s stress constant is about 10 times higher than other piezoelectric materials

    6.excellent processibility

    thin with low weight and low mass, can be twisted into various forms.

    7.Low temperature property

    It works in the temperature as low as-40°C.

    Piezo Sensor Type Applications

    Accelerometer/Vibration Sensors

    Washing machine load balance, pacemaker, pedometer, motion and vibration sensors, medical vital signs and cardiac monitors, motional feedback for speakers


    Musical instrument pickup, electronic stethoscope, coin validation, bone conduction microphone, perimeter security cable, acoustic speakers

    Anti-tamper panel

    Security - electronic chip protection



    Hypersonic speaker

    Ultrasonic directional speakers


    Stamping machine load cells, passenger safety systems, target impact

    Traffic Sensor

    Traffic counters, speed, toll and red light enforcement

    Flexible switch

    Water meter cam counter, CMOS wake-up switch, door operation detection

    Piezo Cable

    Buried or fence-mounted sensor for perimeter security

    Ultrasonic digitizer

    Electronic pen input

    Ultrasonic transducer

    Fluid level sensing, process flow meter, medical imaging, subsea acoustic camera, non-destructive testing


    Detailed sizes


    PVDF PIEZO transducers ,PVDF PIEZO film, PVDF PIEZO sensor

    PVDF piezoelectric film properties



    Piezoelectric constant d33

    18-32 PC/N

    Of dielectric constant ε / ε0

    9-13 (IKHZ)

    Velocity C

    2000m / s

    Electromechanical coupling coefficient k33

    10-14 %-

    Volume resistivity p

    - 1013Ω.cm

    Pyroelectric coefficient p


    Detection sensitivity (4HZ)


    Temperature T

    -4080°C80 °C





    Audio transducer

    Using PVDF piezoelectric film of the lateral piezoelectric

    Microphone, muffler noise microphone, telephone microphone, bimorph transducers, headphones, speakers, accelerometers, and medical sensors

    Electrical transducers and devices

    Using PVDF piezoelectric film of the lateral piezoelectric

    Phonograph pickup, non-contact switch, telephone set, a typewriter and computer keyboard, blood pressure monitors, optical shutters, optical switch, zoom lens, and tactile sensors, displays, displacement sensor

    Ultrasonic and underwater transducers

    PVDF membrane using the longitudinal piezoelectric piezoelectricity at room temperature, 500MHz frequency within the useful signal can be generated

    Send and receive ultrasound, and non-destructive testing transducers, imaging arrays, hydrophones, and delay lines, optical modulator, variable focus transducer, ultrasonic microscope, ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus

    Infrared and optical devices

    Using PVDF piezoelectric film pyroelectricity

    Infrared detectors, camera, infrared visible light converter, a photocopying machine, reverse detector, excitation optical power meter, fire detectors, burglar alarm

    PVDFPIEZO FILMS Main technology data:

    piezoelectric strain constant:d31:17±1PC/N

    d32:5~6 PC/N

    d33:21 PC/N21x10

    piezoelectric voltage constant(g33):200×10-3Vm/N

    relative dielectric constant(ε/ε0):9.5±1.0(IKHZ)

    sound velocity(C)2000m/s

    acoustic impedance2.5~3

    Electromechanical coupling coefficient(K33)10~14%

    volume resistance(ρ)1013Ω.cm

    Pyroelectric coefficient(P)40c/cm2.K

    detection sensitivity:(4Hz)1011m.HZ1/2/W

    Surface resistance:the same electrode resistance between any two points40Ω

    elongation at break:20~50%

    young modulus:2500MPa/psi

    yield strength:45~55 106N/m2

    Tensile strength:35-50MPa/psi


    Poisson's ratio:0.35

    Working temperature(T)-40~80℃

    Thickness tolerance:±35%(30~500μm)

    Electrode fastness::Use transparent glue paste electrode fastness: no falls off phenomenon

    elasticity modulus2400-2600MPa

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