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High Precision Geophysical Equipment, Geophysical Instrument,

High Precision Geophysical Equipment, Geophysical Instrument,

  • High Precision Geophysical Equipment, Geophysical Instrument,
High Precision Geophysical Equipment, Geophysical Instrument,
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Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: gold
Model Number: djf
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Geophysical Equipment


Geophysical Instrument

Underground Metal Detector, Long Range Metal Detector, Large Area Gold Detector, Gold Detector

DJF Series Underground Gold Detector High Power DC IP Measuring System is used to detect the gold in large Areas

DJF Series Underground Gold Detector High Power DC IP Measuring System

Main Applications and Features

1High Power Direct Current IP Measuring System includes: receiver, time domain IP transmitter, rectification power, simulator and dummy load. The system is a high-tech product which integrated with geophysics, electronics, computer technology, information processing technology, aiming to hydro-geological, mineral geology, engineering geology, energy, geology, environmental geology applications.

2For large areas of metal mining, non-metallic mineral resources, geological survey and detailed survey work, search for groundwater and other hydrological and engineering geological exploration.

3The system transmitter has two synchronization mode (domestic initiation): delay synchronization after pulse and high-precision quartz clock synchronization, which allows high efficiency of field production, also convenient and flexible.

System Composition
One 5/10/15KW High Power Direct Current IP Transmitter
One 5/10/15KW High Power Rectifier Power Source
One or more DJS-8B Direct Current IP Receiver
Electrodes AB, Power Lines AB, Measuring Electrodes, and other related accessories

DJF-2 5/10/15kw Transmitter

1Auto time travel, with regular current storage function to facilitate future resistance calculation

2Micro-computer controlled, large-screen LED to display output voltage and current, touch panel.

3Provide with RS-232 serial interface to facilitate the transferring of current data

4High voltage, high current, with over-voltage and over-current protection and circuit-opening attention

Technical Specifications

1Maximum Transmitting Power: 5 /10 /15KW

2Maximum Power Supply Voltage: ± 1000 V

3Maximum Power Supply Current: 5/10/15A

4Power Supply Pulse Width: 1~60 sec.

5Output Waveform: Bipolar waveform, Duty Cycle 1:1

6Current Storage Time Interval: Programmable, Step Length: 1 minute

7Data Storage: Can store current data not less than 8,000 groups (including data like year, month, date, hour, minute, etc. of measurement time), with power-failure protection

8Large Screen Display: 160 × 128 Lattice Graphic LCD

9Working Temperature: -10°C~ +50°C, 95%Rh

10Storage Temperature-20°C~ +60°C

11Volume: 476×309×247 mm

12Weight: 12 kg

DJS-8BHigh Power IP Receiver

1Rapid and Accurate: By adopting pulse delay synchronization mode and high-precision quartz clock synchronization mode, more accurate power-off delay is enabled , precise polarization measurement is realized , thus overcome the enlarging problem of apparent polarization error caused by large judgement error in power-off time for similar instruments.

2Automation: SCM (Single Chip Micyoco) automatically execute self-potential compensation, gain adjustment, filtering and signal enhancement.

3Time Parameter Recording: DJS-8B has auto travel time function, with measuring time stored together with measured results to facilitate the calculation of apparent resistivity.

4Extra-large Storage: 15,000 groups of measured values can be stored, no loss even in case of power failure

5Strong Anti-interference Capability: Adopt signal enhancement technology to suppress the interference a, thus highlight the effective signals.

6RS-232C serial port can work with microcomputer (PC) on-line.

7Fault Diagnosis: Fault location and damaged device can be accurately identified.

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